Safety is at the heart of Tiny Mile

Our design philosophy is directly shaped by the very people we aim to support, blending rapidly advancing technologies with standards of operation that places the safety of your community at the forefront.

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Tiny Mile robots prioritize the well-being of pedestrians first and foremost by avoiding hazards and accessibility barriers.

  • Collision avoidance systems that help detect potential obstacles
  • Adjust speed in real-time
  • Maintain visibility in crowded city centers
Robot on public sidewalks

Robot on public sidewalks

Small Size and Slow Speed

We don’t take up a lot space. The size of our robot accommodates small parcel delivery with driving speed limited to 6km/h


Bright pink colored robots can be easily identified on crowded sidewalks.


Robot includes a powerful 50W loudspeaker that is capable of emitting a warning sound that alerts pedestrians

How do pilots navigate a bustling city?

360-degree panoramic camera view

Pilots are given an immersive driving experience, where the environment is rendered with immediacy and clarity.

Lidar sensors

These sensors detect potential objects and/or individuals that may appear in the robot’s path and adjust the robot’s speed in real-time.

How do pilots navigate a bustling city?
Real people behind the robots

Real people behind the robots

Only the most qualified candidates are permitted to drive, whose performance is regularly monitored and audited for quality assurance. These pilots under-go extensive training that covers strict adherence to regional laws and regulations.

We will always yield to pedestrians and remain keenly aware of potentially vulnerable individuals, such as those with disabilities, children, and elders.


Tiny Mile works directly with communities in order to adjust our operations in accordance with their expertise and feedback. This includes collaborating with regulators, manufacturing and safety experts, as well as with local officials.

Each robot is given an ID tag that includes the company name, email, and a contact number so that individuals with concerns can reach out to us and any incidents brought to our attention can be investigated thoroughly.