Deliver with Tiny Mile

Save on Delivery Fees

Save on Delivery Fees

Those delivery fees add up overtime. Tiny Mile helps you save money so you can spend time enjoying the rewards!

Support local

Support local

We help local businesses cut their delivery commissions by 50% in comparison to larger courier companies.



Battery-operated and emissions-free! We are an eco-friendly alternative to your food delivery.

How it works

  1. Place an Order

    Browse our restaurant partners on selective delivery platforms. We are currently operating in Charlotte, NC.

  2. Get Connected with Customer Service Team

    The Tiny Mile customer service team will call to confirm your order and provide a unique link so that you can track your delivery

  3. Track Your Order

    Watch your delivery take place in real-time with live tracking! You will receive an automatic status update when our robot has reached the drop-off location.

  4. Meet Our Robot Outside

    The lid on the robot will be locked. To pick up your order, press on “Open Lid” button on the Robot Tracking link provided. Retrieve your food from the compartment and enjoy!

Robot Delivery, Operated by Human Drivers

Our robots are remotely-controlled by carefully trained pilots with 200+ hours of experience.

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Robot Delivery, Operated by Human Drivers

“Tiny Mile always brings a smile to our faces when we see him. Happy to share a neighborhood with him.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if someone steals my food or the robot is vandalized?

    The moment an order is placed in a Tiny Mile robot, it’s our responsibility. The cargo is securely locked until the customer is given access to it; both pilots and dispatchers are trained to exercise precaution, and remain vigilant over the course of the delivery in order to prevent accidents or theft.

    However, in the event that something should occur, every order is fully insured. We will reimburse restaurants and customers for the cost of stolen or damaged items, and even replace them ourselves at your request.

  • How does the robot complete a delivery if there are stairs or elevators?

    Customers are required to meet the robot outside in order to receive their order, which our dispatching team makes clear during an initial phone call.

    If for any reason they are unable to do so, Tiny Mile will provide a courier of our own that can bring the order up themselves at no extra charge. For us, customer accommodation is key.

  • What do you mean by "robots are operated by human drivers"?

    Tiny Mile robots are controlled by human drivers. These pilots are carefully assessed, trained, and monitored in order to provide quality service, as well as keep our community safe.