Faster, Cheaper, Greener Delivery At Your Doorstep

Geoffrey making a delivery

There is no technical or business playbook for putting delivery robots on the streets—so we wrote our own.

Tiny Mile challenges industry standards by identifying the highest costs of last mile delivery, simplifying them, and making the process more efficient.

Our Vision

Be Cost Effective

Affordability doesn’t just concern your wallet. Our goal is to promise convenience at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, so that you can spend less on errands and more enjoying the rewards.

Empower Customers

Tiny Mile uses robots, but it’s to improve the quality of human lives. We’re making delivery accessible to everyone by developing contactless transportation that’s safe and reliable, without sacrificing efficiency.


Each robot is a technological milestone in the transportation industry that will reinvigorate economic growth and create modern opportunities for career development.

Make An Impact Everyday

We’re building smaller robots for a smaller ecological footprint. Our robots are electrically-powered and emissions-free, helping to reduce congestion by shifting small parcel delivery to sidewalks.

We are also building a team

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