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How Geoffrey Works

Canada's cutest delivery robot.

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Rear photo of Geoffrey

Whats with the name?

We call our robots Geoffrey after Geoffrey Hinton, well known as the godfather of AI. We received his blessing for using his name when Tiny Mile was founded.

Our robot goes by gender-neutral pronouns (they/them).

Additionally all of our robots have unique names, G and a number representing what number they are. For example G1 was our first prototype, and the most recent one is G10.

To see a list of our robots, see below.

Our Robots
Geoffrey with its siblings in the garage

Overview of Geoffrey

Geoffrey is driven using the help of remote pilots who control it from the comfort of their homes using a gaming console controller. Pilots then rely on the cameras and GPS systems built into Geoffrey to navigate the busy streets of downtown Toronto. Geoffrey can deliver within a 2 km radius of the restaurant.

  • Locked lid, ensures your cargo is kept safe

  • Drives on sidewalks

  • Piloted with camera and GPS

  • Moves at walking/jogging speed

Geoffrey on its way home after a long day

How do deliveries work?

  • Simply place an order on Uber Eats

    You order through Uber Eats (within 2km radius), and our dispatch team receives the order at the same time as the restaurant.

  • Geoffrey is dispatched to the restaurant and picks up your food

    When Geoffrey is on their way to the restaurant, you will receive a call from our dispatch team confirming that Geoffrey is delivering your food.

  • Geoffrey arrives at your location

    You meet Geoffrey outside and show your order number to the front camera. The lid will instantly unlock and open, and your food is ready to be taken.