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Whether your customers order from online market places, your website or app, we handle your delivery and you save money.
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Reward your customers, the environment, and your wallet

On-demand, on-time

We’re ready when you need us, and we arrive when your customers expect us.

Best courier for the job

A network of humans, robots and vehicles provide fast, inexpensive delivery with less sidewalk emissions.

Flat fee, no surprises

We charge one flat fee which is less than each of the marketplaces and delivery platforms you use today.

How it Works

The same great food and convenience your customers expect.
But with more earnings in your pocket!

Your customers, your channels

We provide delivery fulfillment for your business regardless of how your customers order: online marketplaces, your website or app. We do it all!

We optimize the courier selection for each delivery

This saves you money, your customer’s time and the environment from unnecessary curb-side emissions.

Did we mention we save you money?

By letting us handle all of your delivery fulfillment, you reduce the marketplace commissions you’re paying, and put more money in your pocket!

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