Save on 50% of commission when you deliver with Tiny Mile

Our service lets you continue to bring in high order volume at a fraction of the cost. By using Tiny Mile robots instead of couriers from a delivery app, restaurants pay lower commissions than on platforms such as UberEats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash.

Choose Bring Your Own Courier (BYOC) on mainstream delivery apps

Mainstream delivery apps such as Ubereats, SkipTheDishes, and Doordash offer Bring Your Own Courier (BYOC) which allows businesses to employ drivers themselves without additional fees.

This is where Tiny Mile comes in, switch to BYOC and have our robots take care the delivery at 50% less of the commission.

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What's included?

Short-distance delivery

Tiny Mile offers short-distance delivery (up to 2km)


A dispatching center carefully monitors our robots to prevent accidents and keep your orders safe

Flexible service

Too busy for robots? Simply turn us off and switch back to regular couriers whenever needed. Our service is flexible and catered to your business.

Food is warm

Tiny Mile robots are insulated and fully sealed so that your food arrives fresh, guaranteed

What is it going to look like using Tiny Mile service?

  1. Customer orders through delivery apps such as Ubereats and SkipTheDishes
  2. Restaurants receive order on Tiny Mile dashboard and the robot is on the way to pick up
  3. Once food is prepared and robot is at the door, restaurant worker loads the order in the robot
  4. Robot is off to the delivery, and customer receives a link to view the live location of the robot and track their delivery
  5. Robot arrives at the customer's place, opens lid and picks up order

Frequently Asked Questions

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