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Operations Manager

Lead Tiny Mile's operations

Tiny Mile is recruiting a Manager within the Operations team in its Toronto offices. The mission of the Ops team is simple: to make Tiny Mile the preferred delivery method for merchants and customers. The role of Ops Manager is a key position for Tiny Mile and will allow you to combine many skills: project management, creation and automation of processes, advanced data analysis, content writing, and daily interactions with merchants, pilots and customers in the field.

Why it Matters

  • Last-mile is the highest polluting segment. Given the continuous rise of e-commerce, it is expected the total carbon emissions will increase 30% by 2030 because of the last-mile. Our robots not only have zero emissions but use as little electricity as a light bulb.

  • People spend on average 10 hours running errands, going grocery, etc each week. If delivery was reliable, instantaneous and cost cents it would free people from carrying these tasks. If there are 2.93 million people in Toronto, we would be giving back 29.3 million hours to people to spend with their families and what they care about.

  • Imagine a small bookstore delivering their books for cents to the entire city in half an hour or less. Transportation has always been the backbone of the economy and delivery robots will ease trade and foster unprecedented economic growth.

  • During this pandemic, we are helping keep small businesses in business while also keeping their customers safe.

What You'll Do

  • Creation of processes and tools: The most important responsability is building processes and tools for customers, partner restaurants and pilots to improve safety, reliability, quality and efficiency.

  • Metrics & Analysis: You will be led to independently build your own analyzes and dashboards to measure the success of operations.

  • Interaction with engineering: you will be the link between the problems in the field and the engineering. You'll help prioritize the evolution of our serice and help deploy and provide feedback on the constant stream of new product features.

  • You'll be manage the dispatch, piloting and rescuing team so that they can achieve their highest potential.

Who you are

  • Excited about working on greenfield projects, and solving problems that haven't been solved yet.

  • Intersted in getting your hands dirty, to get first hand experience in dispatching, piloting and rescuing of robots.

  • You like to build and optimize rigorous processes , and the concepts of operational excellence and scalability appeal to you. Experience in food delivery is a plus.

  • You have an analytical mind and are comfortable with numbers: proficiency in SQL/scripting is a plus!

Why You'll Love Working at Tiny Mile

  • We are customer-obsessed - Our mission is to reduce the last mile cost while providing an excellent service that is ecological and sustainable.

  • We think big - Putting robots in the streets of Canada is no easy feat. Every day we get to invent and experiment with new ways of doing things

  • We are learners and doers - We never stop learning and implement new knowledge in our company. Always open to new ideas backed with good data. We give our team members room to grow.

  • We are Tiny Milers - We are ok with ambiguity. Have a bias for action. We are collaborative in nature and we strive for the highest standards.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to growing and empowering an inclusive community within our company, industry, and cities. We hire and cultivate diverse teams of the best and brightest from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Our belief is that true innovation begins when everyone has room at the table and the tools, resources, and opportunity to excel.

    Job TitleOperations Manager
    Employment BasisFull Time

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