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We are building remotely piloted delivery robots.

Tiny Mile is a startup based in Toronto, Canada. We help small businesses with affordable delivery at a time where it's more needed than ever.

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How It Works


  • Respect and Opinions

    We are harsh with problems, but incredibly respectful to each other.

  • Team First

    We put the team first and build people up to do their best work.

  • Learning

    We are curiously driven and lifelong learners.

  • Efficiency

    We are obsessed with cost reduction and doing more with less.

Work with Us

Come help us solve complex problems and revolutionize the delivery industry.

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The story so far.

Tiny Mile is just over a year old, but we've made incredible progress in that short time.

  • NOV 2019

    Founding of Tiny Mile, with the G1 & G2 prototype.

  • JAN 2020

    First delivery completed.

  • APR 2020

    New iteration of robots completed G3 & G4.

  • JUNE 2020

    500 deliveries completed.

  • AUG 2020

    Iteration built with wooden body completed G5 & G6.

  • DEC 2020

    Completion of newest iteration of robots G7 - G10.