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Sending Love at the Speed of Tech

Mon Feb 13 2023 // Mary Ann Matias

Tiny Mile’s a small team dedicated to making a huge impact. With the success of our first commercial deployment in the U.S. last year, we’re excited to take the next essential step in our mission to promote the development of a more sustainable, equitable marketplace in the communities we call home.

By releasing our new Tiny Mile app, we’ll be expanding our efforts to the Uptown Charlotte, NC and Downtown Miami, FL, areas, providing their residents with free, same-day delivery using our fleet of remotely-operated robot couriers.

A Brief Guide to Robot-Powered Delivery

To request Geoffrey’s services, download the Tiny Mile app from the Apple App Store, or visit our website, and follow these simple steps.

Upon opening the app, you’ll be prompted to create a profile and select a pick-up and drop-off location. If these addresses fall within the pink radius, we can serve you!

However, if they don’t, this means that one or both locations you’ve requested are unfortunately outside our range of operation. In cases like this, we highly encourage you to email us and let the team know where you’d like to see us expand next!

Now, we may be tiny, as far as the average pedestrian goes, but we’re not that tiny.

Our service excludes the shipment of prohibited items, live animals, and objects that exceed Geoffrey’s capacity. Always make sure that the package you want to transport weighs less than 20 lbs and is dimensionally less than that of the robot’s compartment (14.5”W 13”L 12”H).

Small, easily portable items, such as flower bouquets, office documents, baked goods, drinks, video games, and books are best suited to our service. Large, more cumbersome items, however, will be incompatible; examples include luggage, pizza boxes, and bicycles.

Once you and your recipient have confirmed the order, you’ll both be able to track Geoffrey’s progress using live updates and our app’s robot-tracking system.

Any questions or concerns? We’ve got you covered! Users will receive personalized support from our customer service team for the duration of the delivery.

Please remember that it’s your responsibility to secure your order in the robot once it arrives at the pick-up location.

Most things don’t need any special treatment, but open beverages can pose a problem; reduce the risk of spills by using drink stoppers (such as those supplied by Starbucks) or sealed lids (e.g. bubble tea). Placing your drinks in a tray and propping additional items around them is another useful trick for keeping them upright!

Only you and your recipient can access the assigned robot to maximize security. You’ll both need to use the Tiny Mile app to add or remove items from Geoffrey’s compartment.

When the robot arrives at the drop-off location, your recipient will be instructed to open the lid using the Tiny Mile app. Don’t forget to take a video or photo with Geoffrey, tag #tinymile on Instagram, and share it with your friends!

Order Anything, Any Time, and For Every Occasion

Want to indulge someone’s sweet tooth? Send them a treat with Geoffrey! Want to remind someone special that you’re thinking of them? Send them fresh-cut flowers across town!

Geoffrey’s a helpless romantic, and we highly encourage you to use our service to create unique experiences and seek opportunities to engage with your family, friends, and community.

Tiny Mile is on-demand, same-day, and hassle-free. Call on us to help retrieve forgotten items from home, transport workplace documents to colleagues, and even loan your favorite books, video games, or movies to a friend.

Our robots are affordable, emissions-free and a quick, efficient addition to your schedule. Easily arrange last-minute errands so that you can spend fewer hours in-store and more spending the day with those who matter most.

Follow us to keep up to date on our expansion, Geoffrey, and the Tiny Mile team.

Are you interested in partnering with Tiny Mile? Is there a local brand you’d love to see us partner with? Contact our team today.

Commission-free delivery is finally here!