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Beep Beep – A New Delivery Service Has Hit Miami!

Mon Jul 17 2023 // Aleisha Cyr Gauthier

Hey there, Miami Restaurant Owners! We’ve got some awesome news for you! Get ready to welcome Tiny Mile, the most innovative delivery service in town. We’ve teamed up with local restaurants to give you a delivery experience like no other, and the best part? We’re slashing those pesky service fees from third-party companies. Buckle up, and let us tell you why Tiny Mile is about to rock your culinary world!

A Winning Combo of Humans & Robots

At Tiny Mile, we believe in the power of teamwork. That’s why we’ve assembled an all-star squad of humans and robots to make your delivery dreams come true. By combining the best of both worlds, we can cut delivery costs by almost 50%, freeing up your hard-earned cash for other business essentials. It’s a win-win situation!

Meet Geoffrey, the Insta-Famous Robot

Now, here’s the star of the show: Geoffrey! This little cutie is stealing hearts all over Brickell and Downtown Miami. You won’t believe how many pedestrians tag him in their Instagram posts with gigantic smiles. Imagine the buzz your business can create when Geoffrey rolls up to deliver your scrumptious food! He’s always camera-ready, so why not use that to your advantage and make every delivery an experience worth sharing?

Unforgettable Customer Experiences

With Geoffrey by your side, it’s time to level up your customer experience game. Picture this: your customers open their doors to find a friendly robot handing over their favorite meal. Talk about a jaw-dropping moment! Not only will they be blown away, but they’ll also rush to share the excitement on social media, giving your business some serious viral power. Get ready for a whole lot of likes, comments, and love for your brand!

Recreate the Magic, Over and Over

Once your customers experience the Tiny Mile magic, they’ll be hooked. Encourage them to relive those unforgettable moments by capturing their own Geoffrey encounters and sharing them on social media. This builds a tight-knit community around your brand and gets people talking and craving your fantastic food. Brace yourself for the mouthwatering buzz!

With our awesome partnership with local restaurants and the dynamic duo of humans and robots, we’re slashing those service fees and bringing you an epic delivery experience at a fraction of the cost. Let Geoffrey, our Insta-famous robot, steal hearts and make your customers go wild. Get on board with Tiny Mile and take your business to the next level of delivery awesomeness!

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Commission-free delivery is finally here!